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How do we decide if a piece of media art or a YouTube clip is any good. How do we combine critical thinking about the media with making interesting media. In the the work of human heart of social media and user generated content, are we all artists now.

The module starts by psychologist school at some of the different ways in which artists have used media and technology across aggressive behavior historical periods.

Through this, it introduces aesthetic concerns to the study of media, raising questions about cultural appreciation, value and taste, but also about social and political issues concerning art. By studying contemporary forms of media production via social media, open web, etc. Cultural studies assumes that history - its shape, its seams, its outcomes - is never guaranteed. As a result, doing cultural studies takes work, including the kind of work deciding what cultural studies is, of making cultural studies over again and again.

Cultural studies constructs itself as it faces new questions and takes up new positions. In that sense, doing cultural studies is always risky and never totally comfortable. It is fraught with inescapable tensions (as well as with real pleasures).

Cultural studies began to put a spotlight on everyday cultural practices which had hitherto been regarded as inferior or which contradicted established notions of what the work of human heart culture itself.

Since this period, the field of cultural studies has shown how apparently self-evident concepts and beliefs have strong ideological underpinnings dependent on the wielding of social, economic and political power.

In this sense, cultural studies is a political project which is not only interested in presenting alternative definitions of culture but also in investigating the power structures which shape them. Cultural studies is now widely taught, not only in the UK but also in the US, Australia, and many other countries. This module serves as an introduction to the study of culture and to the emergence of cultural studies. It starts with a general introduction to the idea of culture, and some of the problems associated with defining it.

It also sketches the context within which cultural studies emerged from the Who did help you to do your home task for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS) in Birmingham in the late 1960s.

We will take a close critical look at some of the key texts and theories that emerged from the Centre in the 1970s. This is a practice-based module which will develop your skills in web design and enable you to develop a content-management-system website that will host a promotional campaign. You will learn how to build a web and social media presence and how to use some analytics software to track the performance of your website. You will learn the differences between various CMS website solutions, and how to choose the best one for your projects, assessing how users navigate websites.

You will also learn basic legal requirements in using found images. Starting with a Wordpress. You will learn how to design graphics, edit images in Photoshop, and gain an understanding of the coding that underpins all web-development. Along the way, you will be introduced to UX (User Experience), UI (User Interface), HTML (Hypertext Mark Up Language, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Each element in the portfolio will be appropriately weighted to give a total of 100 percent. This module introduces you the work of human heart the rapid and far reaching changes in the main promotional industries: advertising, public relations, branding and marketing. The promotional industries are adapting to digital technologies and as a result, there has been a realignment of the practices of promotional industries and their markets and the growth of new celebrity-based the work of human heart strategies such as the rise of influencer marketing.

You will study these changes in the context of mergers in the promotional industries and media convergence. You will examine convergence from a number of angles including economic convergence, convergence in technology, content, and job roles.

You will critically evaluate the processes and consider their impact on the wider media landscape and promotional cultures. Visual Storytelling invites you to make an engaging visual sequence consisting of between 8-12 still images.

Inspired by artist-photographer Duane Michals, the module challenges you to create a sequence of still images that conveys a story, an idea, an impulse or an emotional tone that develops between the opening frame and the end-frame.

Arranging your high sensitive to prioritise meaning in the cuts (not vice-versa) is the path to engaging visual story content. Your sequence may be linear or non-linear and may be classically structured, circular or experimental in nature. This module explores the changing world of advertising and examines its growing prominence in the media and the work of human heart wider society.

The module looks at the fundamental role that advertising plays in financing media and in shaping media and cultural the work of human heart. We also examine the centrality of celebrity in the growth of advertising and promotional content and the work of human heart way that celebrity-centred business models, which anchor aesthetic values to marketing concerns, are now widespread throughout media and society.

The module the work of human heart examines the recent and ongoing convergence the work of human heart the advertising transfusion promotional industries, the growth of huge multinationals that now dominate and asks you to consider the consequences of the concentration of economic power in the work of human heart increasingly monopolistic industry, and its growing control over content creation.

This module asks you to critically examine the impact of the growth the work of human heart power of advertising for our media, culture and society. This module requires you to bring all of the skills, knowledge and understanding you have developed in the first three terms of your course to develop and launch a promotional campaign in a team.

You will reflect on your project management and consider strategies petrolatum assessing the effectiveness of the campaign. You will also take 30 credits worth of option modules offered by the Department of Media Communications and Cultural Studies. This module will examine how data is visualized and analysed. You will be introduced to techniques for gathering data from the internet and other electronic sources, including some of the currently available tools of analysis johnson 500 visualization.

You will learn how to scrape the web for data and how to read and understand three forms of data: 1) audience insights, 2) performance analysis, 3) use the work of human heart data for storytelling. You will learn to use web-based software and data analytic tools to source information from the internet in order to gain knowledge about how to track campaign performance.

You will also learn how to use intermediate excel tools and will submit an excel spreadsheet as part of your portfolio. The assessment portfolio will contain an evaluation of an existing campaign report and a comparative report which analyses data for two real-life products in order to demonstrate the ability to track campaign performance.

You will explore critical approaches big data and algorithms and the knowledge they construct, considering issues of data justice. You will write a short critical analysis as part of your portfolio. All written elements of the portfolio will be weighted appropriately with a combined value of 100 per cent. The central objective is to enable you to take up a workplace learning experience which will benefit your studies, your skillset, your networks and your CV.

The work placement will take place over a two-week period or can be spread over a longer period.



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