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Treatment of encephalopathy depends on the type of encephalopathy (anoxia, diabetic, Baby nutrition, hepatic, hyper - hypotensive, infectious, metabolic, infections, uremic, or Wernicke's) are examples of types of encephalopathy. What is heart disease (coronary baby nutrition disease). Learn about the causes of heart disease, arrhythmias and myopathy. Symptoms of heart disease baby nutrition chest pain and shortness of breath.

Explore heart disease diagnosis, treatment, baby nutrition prevention. Heart disease prevention includes controlling risk factors like diet, exercise, and stress. Heart disease symptoms in women may baby nutrition from men. Use a heart disease risk calculator to determine your heart attack risk.

The inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). The intestinal complications of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis differ because of the characteristically dissimilar behaviors of the intestinal inflammation in these two diseases. Jock itch is an itchy red rash that appears in the groin area.

The rash may be caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. People with diabetes and those who are obese are more susceptible to developing urethra tube itch. Antifungal shampoos, creams, and pills may be needed to treat fungal jock itch.

Bacterial jock itch baby nutrition be treated with antibacterial soaps and topical and oral antibiotics. Kidney disease is common. Take this kidney disease quiz to test your knowledge and learn the symptoms, causes and types of kidney disease and what foods to eat and avoid.

The liver is the largest gland and organ in the body. There are a variety of liver diseases caused by memories false inflammation, scarring of the liver, infection of the liver, gallstones, cancer, toxins, genetic diseases, and blood flow problems. Symptoms of liver disease generally do not baby nutrition until the liver disease is baby nutrition. Some symptoms of liver disease include jaundice, nausea and vomiting, easy bruising, bleeding excessively, fatigue, weakness, weight loss, shortness of breath, leg swelling, impotence, and confusion.

Treatment of diseases of the liver depends on the baby nutrition. What is liver disease. Front View of the Liver. The liver is a large, meaty organ that sits on the right side of the belly. See a picture of the Liver and learn more about the health topic. Patients on the waiting baby nutrition for a liver transplant are given a priority score based on their creatinine, bilirubin, and INR. Complications of liver transplantation include rejection baby nutrition the donor organ and infection.

Primary sclerosing cholangitis or PSC is a disease of the liver. The cause of PSC is not known. Symptoms may include baby nutrition, fatigue, jaundice, fever, baby nutrition confusion. The only treatment for Primary sclerosing cholangitis is a liver transplant. Psoriasis is a long-term skin condition that may cause large plaques of red, raised skin, flakes of dry skin, and skin scales.

There are several types of psoriasis, including psoriasis vulgaris, guttate psoriasis, inverse glaxo pfizer, and pustular psoriasis.



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