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It either that for him or he be traded here soon to a team looking to find a starter on the cheap. At the same time, Lebron doesnt have near the supporting cast that KD has. Combine that with the reason why KD is on the Warriors in the first place and it makes it so much worse. GSW Spurs is a 2nd seed vs 7th seed matchup.

170 pointssubmitted 4 days agoThis kind of fucking shit and all the fucking tanking threads is why no one wants to fucking play in New York. He might be able to succeed with a 95 96 fastball paired with his curve. I only just realized this now, thinking about it. The 58 win, 3 all star Warriors losing in the first round to the 47 win injured Spurs is much worse than the 50 32 Cavs with Lebron and Love losing to the 48 win Pacers.

I recall watching a documentary about slasher films, cheap oakley sunglasses they interviewed a journalist who exclusively wrote about them in the 80s and 90s, he said at the time there where 3 other journalists who would attack him for it and call him misogynistic etc, he said at the time it really got to him, but now all three of them are in jail for sex related crimes.

Cavs Pacers is a 4th seed vs 5th seed matchup. I think ever since she told me this, whenever people say things about me, it just doesn't phase me at all. I wouldn take 1 day back. There are too many up tight pricks that get offended by something that would be laughed at anywhere else. She actually keeps asking me to get married to her but so far my answer has been no just because of my red pill beliefs.

This might change because my perspective of the world is changing as well. One other thing I noticed. I did fine with any beer with at least two charges left (I never healed more than twice), once falcon used no cheap oakley sunglasses more than 5 times, one used no more than twice, and one new one.

Only on June 26, 2002, he was never selected. The Thunderall could be used up to 3 times but it nice to have a newer one so you not shy about going to town on those damn dark knights. cakemuncher1 pointsubmitted 11 days agoWhy are you such a dick I in agreement that marriage is useless. )You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet Think again, fucker.

His sense of what has been dubbed "entitlement" and an overall loss of enthusiasm for the game was evident as he drove himself to the D League, European ball and eventually out the game as a whole. And especially worse since this is an out of the way spot where police will likely not be patrolling much.

As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare cheap oakley sunglasses for the storm, maggot. This is one reason golf has had it struggles. Once this is built, I cannot imagine any other scenario other than the park being riddled with mentally unstable, harrassive and dangerous homelesses.

I do not understand the logic of this at all. Without him we nothing, although we very lucky we have Frenkie in the team already. I personally don yell anything at golf tournaments or ever want to, but I think if people have fun doing it, and it not offensive or disrupting play, let them have their fun. But you probably right about that we need more midfielders next year. Rap music has got to be the most primative form of music ever created!

Siem De Jong doesn add anything to the play at all, except for that he useful when a "plan B" is needed he a good finisher. I have listened to shit long enough, it sucks! , Do you know why Because there is NO MUSIC! Whats even worse is to pull up next to a cowboy and his pick up truck blaring the shit for everybody else to vomit on the dash.

Eating chocolate is not necessary. Eating unfairly traded chocolate is both easy and delicious. Most of that Hershey chocolate is more wax than food, and have y noticed how the price of crappy US chocolate has been steadily rising, even as Hershey has cut jobs in the States and moved their factories out of the country. Whenever people talk about rap music they always seem to leave one thing out,THE MUSIC!

I read people saying there are "for Ziyech a hundred other players that can replace him" which is laughable to say the least.

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